Why you should use an Architect.

Architects specialise in the design of buildings and have skills they can use to investigate the design options and to present these to you so that you can make an informed choice about what you will build.

Architects are obliged to comply with a Code of Conduct that places good quality design at the forefront of our work.

Architects Registration Board Code of Conduct

Royal Institute of British Architects


Having gained experience from working on numerous similar buildings, extensions and loft conversions we at G.A.Architects are fluent at finding the design that is most suitable to your requirements.  It is not always obvious which design to proceed with which is why we have a palette of tools to investigate the options and to present these to you.  From the outset, our design work is informed by our experience and knowledge of the technical and construction aspects so that the design is compliant with building regulations and is realistic.

Realistic design

At G.A.Architects we are aware of the contextual constraints on the design which inevitably help us to refine the design into an agreed scheme.

Drawings and models

2D and 3D Drawings, as well as physical models, are important in helping us to think about the design options and to present the options to our clients.  Ultimately, we will agree on a scheme with our clients and issue it to the relevant statutory bodies for approval.

[Image to the right shows a flat roof dormer/ loft conversion and also a single-storey rear extension].

[Image to the right below shows a computer-generated image of a proposed loft bedroom with a dormer to the left and two roof windows to the right].

[Below Image shows a hybrid 2d drawing emphasizing the proposed extension interior].

scale model 1 to 50 scale

Planning drawing

3d drawing

Contextual constraints

The context of a project is what makes it unique.  As well as the site context the design is guided by the project context, i.e your requirements, your budget and buildability.


The scale, topographic and legislative particularities of the site will feed into the design of the scheme.  The legislative opportunities are written within Planning and Building regulations law.  At G.A.Architects we are familiar with dealing with Town Planners and Building Control Authorities and at all times we remain dedicated to achieving high-quality designed schemes that improve our client’s lives.

Above images: Building regulations drawings

scale model

Above image: Aerial view of rear extension to a mid-terrace house with the model roof removed


Below images: Building regulations drawings for an extension at the front and rear

scale model

1 to 25 scale model

This working model was built at a scale of 1 to 25 and measured 500 x 500mm.

It was very helpful to talk through the options with the client and helped them to visualise the space.

1 to 25 scale model

1 to 25 scale model

1 to 25 scale model