How to get the most from G. A. Architects in 2+ simple steps

Write a Brief

Your requirements need to be clearly understood.

Identify what it is about the home that is causing you problems.

  • Is your house cluttered?
  • Do you find it problematic to keep your home organized?
  • Is your home too dark or depressing?
  • Is there inadequate space for working, socializing, relaxing or do you need that extra bedroom?
  • Do you want to bring the ‘Wow factor into your home?

Once we understand your requirements, we begin with the design phase. We explore and develop options until you are ready to proceed to the next stage. The next step could be to submit a planning application or to get builder quotations.

Existing rear garden
3D Design image
3D Design image
This is a 3D Design image used to explore the design options

Check your budget

For projects below £100k, 5-10% should be allowed for professional services and the remainder for the construction work and materials. Here’s a rough idea of the breakdown of the fee for small-scale residential projects.

If the design is complicated, we usually get quotations before submitting a planning application to ensure that the plan is within budget. Once we have confirmed that the budget is satisfactory, we can proceed to the planning application stage.

The Planning application usually takes eight weeks to be decided. Once the Town planners have approved the design proposals, we will begin the detailed design for the project.

The detailed design will include the construction information that the structural engineer and builder will need to design and build the proposed plan. Therefore, detailed design information is also an essential part of the Building regulations application.

Bonus Tip

Without meaning to sound condescending most clients and builders don’t understand the benefits an Architect can bring or the difference between one Architect and the next.

When starting your project, we understand that the Architect you choose is the essential factor. The Architect should be the best fit for you, someone who compliments your personality and outlook. Your priorities will show through into the finished product once completed.

At G. A. Architects, we have a strong affinity with a contemporary site-specific design that respects the existing site. We do not endorse ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions but encourage bespoke design in every project.

We believe that buildings should make us feel comfortable and happy, and we strive for this in our work at G.A.Architects. If you are considering extending or renovating your home, please contact us for an initial consultation or visit our fees page for more information.