What is a chartered architect?

A qualified architect who has opted to become a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

What is a registered architect?

A qualified architect who is practising and is registered with the Architects registration board.

What is a draughtsman?

A draughtsman is someone who can prepare drawings but who has not completed any or all 3 phases of architectural education in the UK

What is an architectural technician?

An architectural technician is someone who has completed a course in the technical aspects of architecture but not the full design education which fully qualified architects have.

Why should I choose an architect for my extension or loft conversion?

Because Architects are better at designing.  Building spaces is not just about the technical aspects but about considering how you will feel when you are inside that space.  Architects are more capable of considering the impact of the space on your wellbeing.  Not all buildings or extensions have to be conventional and a copy of what has been built before.  Opportunities to create spaces are few and far between and should be carefully considered so that they reflect who you are.  We are not all the same, each of us is different and unique, and our spaces and buildings should reflect this.  It is unfortunate that the Victorians and the current monopolising housing developers appear not to understand this.  Good design is about being mindful, architecture = mindfulness.

Do I need planning permission?

Some works do not require planning permission because they have ‘permitted development’ rights.

The Government has stipulated what can be built without planning permission and although local government does not like permitted development they cannot refuse it or insist on it being reduced in scale.

How long does it take to get planning permission?

8 weeks is the statutory time limit that Government has stipulated for the council to make a decision.  However, this can be extended if the council are unable to achieve it.

How long does it take to reach a design that we are happy with?

This depends on your decisiveness.  We will everything we can to assist you in understanding the options and coming to a decision but ultimately the decision is yours.  In order to assist you in coming to this decision we can:

  • Prepare drawings showing different options
  • Prepare virtual 3D drawings (CGI’s- computer generated images) showing different options for the interior and external appearance of the extension/ spaces.
  • Built physical 3D models of your house with the proposed extension options
  • Get quotes from builders of difference options
  • Show you photographs and drawings of similar extensions
  • Arrange visits to similar extensions
  • Talk to you about the options and our preferred option(s) and explain why